| vigilant citizen justin bieber

| vigilant citizen justin bieber

We’re liveblogging the Grammys actuality starting at 6p.m. Accumulate auspicious this folio for updates and observations!

Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing .. | vigilant citizen justin bieber

11:23. Arcade Fire wins for The Suburbs. We forgot the basal Grammy rule, that the best contempo aerialist consistently wins! Consistently (usually). Lady Gaga’s hat shrouds her reaction. “We’re activity to go comedy addition song–because we like music,” says frontman Win Butler. Barbra and Kris ambition anybody acceptable night, as Arcade Fire comedy addition song on their still-intact equipment–gosh, it’s about as admitting they knew they’d win. Those were the Grammys! (We ambition there were puppets and Gwyneth in this final performance, still.)

11:21. Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson are presenting Anthology of the Year. What would be the bigger surprise–Katy, right? Go, Katy, then!

11:17. This bartering is now a anniversary old, but the car that reads you your Facebook newsfeed about defeats Justin Bieber to win the Grammy for Best New Abominable Idea.

11:14. In all seriousness, acceptable for Arcade Fire for actuality a accumulation agilely absorbed in musicianship and putting on a abundant show! Their blow to Lady Antebellum in like four account will be all the sadder now that we’ve had this fun together.

11:13. One understands that this is meant to be a spectacle–but with neither Gwyneth nor puppets, the comedy artlessly doesn’t appear across. The lights are aggravating appealing adamantine to accord us a seizure, though.

11:11. Arcade Fire activate their accomplishment with a sea of dejected ablaze and a nation recalls a week-old halftime show.

11:05. The band’s ambassador refers to them as “Lady A.” It’s about as admitting he knows the name was engineered by Nashville to be pointlessly provocative!

11:04. The accolade goes to Lady Antebellum, “Need You Now.” A acceptable night for adult-contemporary radio. But isn’t it consistently thus, those of you who were acclaim for Cee-Lo or Eminem?

11:02. Professional awards-show presenter Jennifer Lopez and her bedmate Marc Anthony get to advertise Almanac of the Year, somehow. If they accord it, as per their want, to the best contempo performer, it’ll be Eminem and Rihanna, but it will be Lady Antebellum, right?

11:00. And so the awards appearance anesthetized the three-hour mark with a accomplishment of a song nominated for aught awards tonight. Rihanna is so charismatic–and this song so pleasant–that Katy Perry’s Anthology of the Year choice seems alike added a absolute accident.

10:59. Puffy’s “one of the best constant artists working” could be construed as aside acclaim for Rihanna. With the aside alveolate ululations and the campfire, is this accomplishment cross-promotion for Survivor‘s new season?

10:58. He’s alleged Puff Daddy afresh now? He’s a three-time Grammy winner, too?

10:52. Best Rap Anthology goes to Eminem, Recovery. They comedy Rihanna singing as he walks to the stage. This late-show accolade is his alleviation award-winning for blow Anthology of the Year, right?

10:50. We were apprehensive how continued it would booty until Nicki Minaj showed up onstage, and how continued until she hijacked an awards presentation by mugging. Respectively, two hours and fifty minutes, and (subtly, but still) three seconds.

10:49. In agreement of agreeable content, “Evergreen” is rather like the “Teenage Dream” of the 1970s.

10:47. One imagines a agglomeration of accouchement are about to bolt out from beneath Barbra’s absolute abounding skirt.

10:46. Kris Kristofferson is presenting Barbra Streisand’s performance. Hopefully approaching Brilliant is Born brilliant Beyonce is advantageous attention!

10:40. Beyonce and Gwyneth are sitting together, and accept of Mick!

10:38. I assumption it’s acceptable that those bristles banshees began the show, because I don’t anticipate I accept the activity to accord with annihilation added ambitious than Mick Jagger at this point. Acceptable affair Barbra Streisand, acceptable in abatement beige, is assuming soon!

10:36. Both Dylan and Jagger accept gone abundantly banausic in the accomplished quarter-century–but in Jagger’s case, that’s a actually acceptable thing.

10:35. Mick Jagger accomplishing a Solomon Burke tribute, as John Mayer nods hazily! The Kidman reaction-shot calculation for the appearance has been off the archive in agreement of abundance and quality.

10:29. Do bodies become Academy Presidents artlessly to allege on TV for three account a year?

10:22. The two bigger awards tonight accept apparent Cee-Lo and Eminem abatement to Lady Antebellum and Drake lose to Esperanza Spalding. One wonders to aloof whom Eminem will lose Anthology of the Year?

10:20. Best New Artist goes to Esperanza Spalding. Jewel chuckled afore announcement the name, possibly because this is the category’s bigger abruptness in years–perhaps aback Christina over Britney!

10:18. Was Adam Levine declared to be in that performance? Did he become the babe singing the hook?

10:16. Eminem’s abnegation to sing either of his nominated songs (“Love the Way You Lie” or “Not Afraid”) is appealing admirable, if abandoned from a keeping-things-fresh perspective. Who is the blocked amount singing the hook?

10:15. Rihanna has apparently chalked up the best Grammy performances in contempo anamnesis for a aerialist who’s not actually been honored. She’s accomplishing the aforementioned slow-walk-towards-Eminem we saw at the VMAs. Eminem, incidentally, is actually incurring the censors’ acrimony on the audio-shutoff button.

10:14. Rihanna somehow overcame laryngitis to sing a appealing acute “Love the Way You Lie, Allotment II.” No one believes us that her adaptation of the song is bigger than Em’s!

10:13. Justin Bieber isn’t abiding if he should beam at Seth Rogen’s Miley joke.

10:12. The Grammys acknowledgment from bartering arena a song they will hopefully never honor, “Like a G6.”

10:05. Song of the Year. Did Keith Urban aloof acquaint the world’s subtlest Taylor Swift antic to John Mayer (“This accolade went to John Mayer’s ‘Daughters’–the song”)? The writers of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” booty it.

10:02. This tiny, adventitious “Jolene” leash is a nice antipasto afterwards Katy. Is Dolly Parton activity to appear out, though?

10:01. Nicole Kidman singing forth is empiric affidavit that “Teenage Dream” is the one song tonight that anybody knows. Also, it makes us admiration why Gwyneth is the Oscar champ who gets to sing.

10:00. Bethink aback Beyonce sang “You Oughta Know” at aftermost year’s Grammys and bodies wondered if she and Jay were okay? Those bells images projected assimilate Katy’s dress…

9:58. In all seriousness, it’s nice to apprehend a downtempo non-single from Katy Perry–that said, her ascendance to the beam indicates a huge overplayed hit may be in the offing!

9:57. That “oh-oh-oh-oh” from Katy Perry was the aphotic ancillary of a decade of affirmation from articulate coaches.

9:56. It’s so weird, seeing Neil Patrick Harris at an awards ceremony! It’s such an conflicting sight–very refreshing!

9:50. While Gwyneth is in abundant voice, it’s a little emblematic that her apparel for this super-stagey accomplishment is “Gwyneth Paltrow in blush earrings.”

9:49. Gwyneth is, for the record, a far added acute R&B accompanist than country star. Maybe she abstruse commodity from BFF Beyonce? She still looks like she doesn’t actually apperceive why she’s there, though.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/15 - The Vigilant Citizen | vigilant citizen justin bieber
Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/15 – The Vigilant Citizen | vigilant citizen justin bieber | vigilant citizen justin bieber

9:47. Jamie Foxx does the best SNL antic from December, introducing Cee-Lo and assuming “forget” is an obscenity. Cee-Lo is dressed as a Mardi Gras king. The puppets acutely do not accommodate any accustomed faces. Gwyneth hasn’t yet shown, two account in.

9:46. Best Country Album: Lady Antebellum, Charge You Know, affectation abruptness as they appear out from backstage. Was that the (unusually late) aboriginal time addition thanked God tonight?

9:43. Despite their name, Lady Antebellum are so able that they can do a accolade to an R&B singer, Teddy Pendergrass, and additionally a seventies-ish bedrock song about drunk-dialing! The antebellum aeon was so rich, you guys.

9:41. Lea Michele was extra-Lea Michele-y introducing Lady Antebellum. Does this band’s name aberration anyone abroad out? It’s like Lady Gaga, aloof with added homesickness for aback Americans captivated slaves.

9:39. So absurd that they don’t present the lifetime accomplishment awards aren’t presented during broadcast, abnormally as we’d accept admired a Dolly Parton or a Julie Andrews speech.

9:32. Aloof as Usher saves all overproduced extravaganzas, Soy Bomb should save all Dylan raspathons.

9:30. We’re not abreast abundant to accomplish any acknowledgment about Mumford & Sons–although their assault Justin Bieber for Best New Artist seems, based on the aftermost thirty minutes, actually believable (never say never, guys!). But Dylan is in absolute Dylan-y voice. Do you anticipate his adaptation of articulate exercise is affairs a backpack of American Spirits?

9:26. A accolade to folk! A accolade to demography a five-minute break!

9:22. David Letterman, in the absence of a host, is presenting a Top Ten list. Lindsay Lohan annexation jokes ahoy! It doesn’t assume Justin Bieber got the antic about him.

9:21. Shocking that we fabricated it to 9:21 afore our aboriginal glimpse of Katy Perry. The accolade goes to Lady Gaga, The Acclaim Monster. She’s cutting Beyond Thunderdome chic, with arresting elastic breastplate–and little artificial horns. The audio abandoned out at the alpha of the speech, but Gaga concluded by thanking Whitney Houston for alarming “Born This Way.” “I wasn’t defended abundant to brainstorm myself singing it.” If abandoned Whitney were in attendance! What a acknowledgment attempt that ability accept been.

9:20. Donnie Wahlberg–presenting with Selena Gomez. Is the New Kids awakening over yet? Best Pop Anthology goes to, we’re betting, Bieber, as he aloof performed.

9:18. Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” in the I Am Cardinal Four bartering was the best accomplishment of the night.

9:15. If Muse is a anointed carbon archetype of Coldplay, abundant Kate Hudson (as thanked by Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy) is this year’s Gwyneth and Apple.

9:13. Some extra from NCIS aloof fabricated a able about the revolving-door activity at Paramore, while presenting an accolade with them: “I get to be in Paramore for the abutting few minutes.” Best Bedrock Anthology goes to Muse, The Resistance, befitting up the Grammys’ almanac of angled their duke by absolution winners perform.

9:12. It was so air-conditioned of Usher to let Justin sing the “My”s in “OMG.”

9:11. For the additional weekend in a row, Usher’s “OMG” ball cardinal saves a agreeable performance. Does he aloof accept a hotline abandoned performers can call?

9:09. Apprehensive what strings Will Smith pulled to get Justin Bieber to accomplish the song that appearance Jaden Smith tonight. Conceivably Big Willie’s acting as Bieber’s cine advance has a quid pro quo?

9:08. This is a appropriate Karate Kid-themed performance! “Never Say Never” is not Mr. Bieber’s best acute song ever.

9:07. Attractive like a medley–we began with Bieber abandoned on guitar, but in comes the ski-masked apocalyptic drummers!

9:06. “Yeah, that was four years ago,” says Usher, in the best afflictive spoken-word addition to a Grammys accomplishment aback Britney in her adolescence bedroom.

9:05. Ah, Eva Longoria! She’s introducing Justin Bieber–and, for some acumen accepting to do with the Bieber-as-legitimate-artist publicity blast, a YouTube video of Bieber singing a cappella in 2007.

8:52. The winner: Miranda Lambert, “The House That Built Me.” Addition aerialist whose sales are acceptable to acceleration essentially abutting week. She ends her speech, “I adulation country music.”

8:57. During an awards commemoration all about abrupt intersections, it’s funny that abandoned country singers can present country awards. Also, Jewel is nominated for Female Country Vocal.

8:56. Monae’s carelessness is commodity appealing unique, at atomic in this broadcast. She seems a prime adversary for the acclaimed post-Grammys sales bump–your parents would buy that album!

8:55. Janelle Monae care to aloof accept had her own accomplishment slot–she outdoes B.o.B and Bruno Mars easily, and wasn’t actually chip with them to alpha with.

8:54. Taping an awards-show accomplishment in black-and-white is the agnate of Clint Eastwood’s movies starting with best production-company logos–gravitas can’t aloof be activated as a beheld effect.

8:53. Did Bruno Mars charge to be re-introduced in the average of the performance? His ego, if annihilation else, will agreement longevity!

8:52. Janelle Monae has stood here, attractive agilely bored, for three account or so.

8:50. B.o.B. and Bruno Mars sound, and look, accidentally solemn. We remembered this song as light-hearted?

8:49. “We’ve apparent a lot of legends tonight,” says Seacrest. Like Muse?

8:48. About an hour in, one accolade presented. Those of us who adulation lists of names apprehend bound are waiting, CBS.

8:45. The Target bartering area Taylor Swift says, of her adulation life, “I’m allotment names,” charcoal one of the best abrogating aftereffects of aftermost year’s Grammys.

8:43. In added news, The Hollywood Reporter did a Twitter chase for the chat “Aguilera,” and the after-effects were mixed!

8:41. Wait, I assumption I’ve apparent the “Don’t Tread on Me” banderole in history class, but what could the images of banks physically annoyed mean? This accomplishment has way too abounding shades of meaning.

8:39. Muse, I knew Radiohead. Radiohead was a admired bandage of mind. And you, sir(s)…

8:38. Lenny Kravitz, introducing Muse. There are actually a lot of lights activity on in this performance!

8:37. Miranda Lambert dedicates her accomplishment to “all the abundant artists who accept appear afore us.” “The House That Built Me” is a absolute appealing song–and a Song of the Year nominee. (Backstage-trouble-averted alert: Lambert was asked about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new country ancillary in an account with Meghan McCain, for some reason, and said only, “I’ve heard alloyed reviews.”)

8:27. It was apparently as awe-inspiring as we could accept expected–the conflicting adumbration was a nice touch, and will accept Vigilant Citizen activity for months, but we expected, somehow, alike more.

8:26. It took three account for Gaga to blend with the single–and she turns it into an Aretha-esque actuality cardinal for a minute.

Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing .. | vigilant citizen justin bieber

8:25. Not to be “like that,” but the dancing in this cardinal does anamnesis our memories of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video, admitting the conflicting spa agent tunics are all Gaga.

8:24. Who can we acclaim with cutting Gaga’s shoulders?

8:23. Gaga’s evolution aeon angry her into, we think, Mata Hari? She started in arroyo and big hat.

8:22. Ricky Martin is cutting absolute agleam pants, introducing Lady Gaga. Hasty that they didn’t save this for afterwards in the night if they weren’t activity to advance with it–plenty of bodies will tune out already this is over. (Not us, though. Never us.)

8:21. “Thanks, Justin Bieber, for not actuality a duo or group,” says Train frontman Pat Monahan. Zeitgeisty!

8:20. Best accomplishment by a Pop Duo or Group: “Hey, Body Sister (Live),” Train. At atomic it wasn’t Glee?

8:19. The bristles mini-Arethas are aback to present an award. There weren’t abundant music-related celebrities to do this?

8:18. This isn’t about the Grammys as such, but, wow, that bartering for Philadelphia’s chicken-flavored “cooking creme” was foul!

8:13. That final melange of abiding addendum was the zaniest diva-off aback the Dreamgirls performances at the 2007 Oscars. The appearance should accept led with Cee-Lo or Gaga, perhaps. Aretha–beamed in from Detroit–looks great, though!

8:12. The complete bond on this is accidentally terrible–most of the singers are drowned out by the band.

8:11. The Grammys pride themselvess, as a show, on “unexpected juxtapositions,” but it actually would accept been accomplished to accept one accompanist do one Aretha song rather than this halftime appearance of acoustic overload.

8:09. In agreement of absolute adherence to Aretha, Jennifer Hudson wins, but Florence Welch proving she can sing on TV afterwards the aberration of, like, corrective bodies antic abaft her is a acceptable surprise!

8:08. Jennifer Hudson singing “Respect” is added anticipated than the sun ascent in the east. But she’s actually good!

8:06. Legendary body accompanist Martina McBride! Underplaying a song can be nice, too.

8:05. That was nice of them to let her sing first. Are abundant bodies watching to bewitch Super Bowl ghosts?

8:04. Christina Aguilera acutely wants to be MVP.

8:03. “Aretha Franklin is, and consistently will be, the Queen of Soul.” [cutaway to Justin Bieber, for what will actually not be the aftermost time]

8:02. LL Air-conditioned J is, I guess, address the tribute?

8:01. Affectionate of abnormal that they’re arch with the Aretha tribute–the appearance aperture usually goes to a splashy, mass-appeal pop act like aftermost year’s Gaga/Elton duet.

8:00. Apparently, Rihanna actually is performing–they’re announcement her alike now–despite accepting laryngitis. I assumption articulate difficulties haven’t chock-full her as yet?

7:58. Of advance Andy Rooney began his segment–Oscar preview!–by talking about The King’s Speech. He’s on the appropriate track, baby, he has age-old this way.

7:51. Five-minute liveblogging break, to absorb up Andy Rooney’s wisdom. We admiration if the angel we see of Andy is the absolute him!

7:50. That acquainted actually short. What did we learn? Mainly that “this” is the absolute her, admitting it was so intercut with accomplishment clips that “this” was rarely seen, and that she actually brand coffee. Stars actually are aloof like us!

7:49. “People booty me both way too actively and not actively enough” may be the adduce best account parsing for “Born This Way”-era Gaga.

7:47. It’s affectionate of hasty that Gaga writes music while aerial on pot–they complete so abundant added Adderall-y!

7:46. This cruise to Gaga’s old accommodation is addition Madonna rip-off–does anyone bethink aback Madonna went to her old flat accommodation with Rupert Everett, for VH1?

7:45. Annals of abysmal cuts: we’re recapping the 2009 VMA accomplishment now.

7:44. This is actually a acceptable point: Gaga has managed to accumulate all eyes on her afterwards anytime accepting a accessible claimed life, really.

7:43. “I didn’t appetite to abrasion any clothes today. I don’t apperceive why!” Gaga says on camera. Oh, I bet I could assumption why!

7:42. Oh, now we remember, this account took abode during an on-again moment in Gaga’s accord with an English accent.

7:41. Anderson expresses himself, as it were: “Some of the adumbration may admonish you of Madonna.”

7:40. “One of my greatest artworks is the art of fame.” Oh, ugh, as she introduces herself to our grandparents, Gaga is aback on that Warhol again, it seems!

7:38. It’s consistently so aberrant to watch paparazzi in action, right? Also: Gaga seems never to accept heard the chat “regalia.”

7:37. “Her aboveboard allocution about drugs may affair some parents.”

7:36. Anderson Cooper uses that awe-inspiring metric, “six number-one songs,” to call Gaga. She’s actually abandoned anytime had two Billboard number-ones!

7:32. Aloof as Diddy[-Dirty Money] began to allege to Seacrest, we absitively to analysis CBS. Gaga’s account with Anderson Cooper begins shortly! Again Andy Rooney! Again the ceremony.

7:31. It’s too bad Nicole Kidman, wife of Keith Urban, has to go to music as able-bodied as blur awards shows–she seems so uncomfortable! (We say this as a Kid-fan.) Seacrest saw Kidman in Aloof Go With It, and alleged her “hysterical.” See you at the Oscars!

7:28. Seacrest congratulated Adam Lambert on his Grammy nomination–which he’s already lost. Addition Idol brilliant up now, Jennifer Lopez, whose bedmate Marc Anthony says she’s a adjudicator with acceptable instincts “when some of them, uh, aren’t.”

7:25. Does it not assume as admitting Miley Cyrus does not aftermath music or movies about as generally as Grammy presentations? How abounding times has she been at this ceremony?

Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing .. | vigilant citizen justin bieber

7:24. Willow Smith interview. There’s so little I accept to say about the Smith family!

7:21. 60 Account is aloof starting the Chilean miners segment. “This is the access to hell on earth,” says the correspondent, who is not continuing alfresco the Staples Center.

7:20. Also, a accumulation including Herbie Hancock, Pink, and India.Arie won Pop Collaboration with Vocals. Competitors included Elton John and Leon Russell, “California Gurls,” and “Telephone.” Well, hm, congratulations, Herbie!

7:18. Patting ourselves on the back, as–per Wikipedia‘s all-embracing accessible account of nominees and winners–Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars won the articulate accomplishment Grammys we predicted for them at 6:37. Sorry, Beyonce!

7:16. Aback asked what’s abutting for him, Swizz Beatz lists assorted ad campaigns, including one for Aston-Martin. His wife, Alicia Keys, is at home “being a admirable mom,” admitting she’s nominated for Almanac of the Year. Okay!

7:15. Ricky Martin is here, announcement his Broadway awakening of Evita. How continued it’s been aback 1999. He ends with “Peace, y’all.”

7:14. Giuliana Rancic aloof alleged OK Go “artistic.”

7:11. This is the best E! book ever: Ryan Seacrest is allurement the kids from Glee if they saw Lady Gaga’s egg. Thank God Dianna Agron said she’s added aflame about seeing Bob Dylan. Should we delay on the “Blonde on Blonde” episode?

7:09. Two different things: this Slate article, on how a abstruse board can alter the voted-on nominees to add nominees that will goose ratings; and Katy Perry’s Anthology of the Year.

7:05. Oh, huh, Kim Kardashian is here. Wasn’t she aloof at Fashion Week? How did she accomplish it out to L.A. and Kanye didn’t?

7:03. Paramore is here, afterwards the band’s split-up, and headwoman Hayley Williams gets to allege first. The artifice of the “Don’t Speak” video haunts us still!

7:01. Urf, 60 Account is arch with Egypt, again Chilean miners, THEN Gaga. Aback to E! we go. The examination indicates Anderson Cooper got to apprehend “Born This Way” afore the blow of us.

7:00. Giuliana aloof asked Donnie Wahlberg if he anytime gets acclimated to New Kids on the Block superfans. He claims he doesn’t–not alike by now? It’s been, uh, a while!

6:58. Jordin Sparks was dressed by the apparel administration of Disney’s Prom.

6:55. Julianne Hough has landed. We’re alteration to CBS soon, FYI.

6:52. Seacrest’s interviews with Drake and Nicki Minaj accept now both hinged on accessible cine deals. Does every affiliate of Young Money–nay, every musician?–just appetite to get into movies? We accusation Justin. Both Justins.

6:50. Drake’s mom is actually delightful! She is cutting atramentous sequins and rimless glasses. Seacrest asks if she gets afflictive aback he “pushes the envelope,” which, like, does he really?

6:48. Selena Gomez chose her dress because it “looks like an award” (it’s gold). We may change to Gaga on 60 Minutes, absolute shortly!

6:45. Hudson is to be a allotment of the show-opening Aretha accolade with, amid others, Florence Welch and Christina Aguilera. No don’t-forget-the-lyrics jokes allowed!

6:43. The camera bent Jennifer Hudson a additional afore she started her account with Seacrest–she looked abundantly uncomfortable. Bad memories from the Idol days?

6:40. The show’s ambassador is speaking to Seacrest: the accolade to Aretha Franklin is “a valentine.” Poor Ciara has to angle in advanced of the abominable E! 360-degree camera.

6:37. Further, absolutely brainless predictions: Drake for Best New Artist (Bieber’s contempo renaissance in the media, fueled by his new film, was a little late-breaking for voters); Eminem for Anthology of the Year; Lady Antebellum for Song, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars for Female and Male Pop Articulate Performance.

6:35. “We’re attractive for Miley, we’re attractive for Katy Perry, we’re attractive for Rihanna. I see LL Air-conditioned J!” –E!’s Ryan Seacrest, in an adventitious account on the vicissitudes of fame

6:34. “She is accommodating to do things no one abroad is accommodating to do–except maybe archimage David Blaine.” –E!’s Giuliana Rancic

6:32. The artistic administrator is actually accomplished aback ambidextrous with Seacrest–and has her own E! alternation forthcoming, somehow! She got Gaga’s egg out of there by saying, “She’s dilating!”

6:30. Seacrest is interviewing Gaga’s “creative director.” Gaga is “incubating.” Now he’s talking to a “supermodel nurse,” with horns on her face. They debris to acknowledge the egg’s actual but acquaint us her affection rate. This all goes back, somehow, to the Illuminati, right?

6:28. Amid the above nominees, several accept already won prizes during the pre-ceremony: Lady Gaga (Short Form Video), Eminem (Rap Abandoned Performance), and Lady Antebellum (Country Accomplishment by Duo or Group, Country Song). We’re calling it now: Lady Antebellum will win Almanac of the Year. It’s aloof banal enough!

6:24. Bruno Mars’s beard is about as alpine as Minaj’s. “I adulation simple songs that hit you appropriate in the face.”

6:22. Minaj’s bobcat skirt, hairdo, and tights seems a ascent on Lady Gaga’s agnate accoutrements in the “Telephone” video, itself was a ascent on Shania Twain. She calls it “lioness meets her cub meets fierceosity meets fashionista.” Seacrest is talking about some rumors of a Minaj blur musical, about which we hadn’t heard!

6:17. Nicki Minaj is cutting leopard-print and a albino Afro wig; David Guetta is cutting acid-print jeans. Meanwhile Kathy Griffin brings out the weirdest things in Seacrest–he aloof recited some R. Kelly lyrics.

6:14. Seacrest is talking to Lenny Kravitz about his new tattoo. Added aboriginal winners: the Beatles for Best Absolute Anthology and Toy Story 3 for best score.

6:12. They’re recapping aftermost year’s fashion–so as we wait, the pre-ceremony winners included Rihanna’s “Only Babe in the World” for Ball Recording and the Atramentous Keys’s Brothers for Alternative Album.

6:09. Now they’re allurement Florence Welch if she’d anytime bedfellow on Glee, and if she’s met James Franco or Justin Bieber. Acceptable affair she didn’t absolution an anthology this year, or she ability get offended!

6:07. Every awards appearance charge pay admiration to Glee this decade. Matthew Morrison claims his castmates are anxious of his accessible abandoned album: “They’re all tethered to Glee.” Oops!

6:05. Seacrest to B.o.B.: “How abounding collaborations accept you been on in the accomplished twelve months?” “[silently counts on fingers] Maybe twenty?”

6:04. In the absence of alike the best atrocious celebrities, Seacrest is applying Zapruder-like analysis to Gaga’s egg. Conceivably this is all a advanced for the American Egg Board?

6:02. Seacrest leads the red-carpet appearance by advertence Bieber, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. Sorry, Florence the Machine fans!

5:59. E! aloof appear that their acquisition of Lady Gaga impersonators set a Guinness apple record. We wouldn’t accept absurd Guinness was befitting track…

5:58. Lady Gaga entered the awards central a behemothic egg complete of what seems to be Plexiglas. What a way to capsize the who-are-you-wearimng crowd–no one can see what she’s wearing, exactly! Maybe it’s Uggs and sweats.

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