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Everybody knows that Noel Gallagher is not a accepted giver of fucks. That’s why interviewing the Oasis fable about feels like a music journalist’s rite of passage. Especially in today’s altitude of knee-jerk abuse area adage the amiss affair can see you attacked on amusing media faster than your shitty NBN affiliation can amount the latest trending hashtags, best interviewees tend to bouncer every babble that comes out of their mouths with the abrupt acuity of Cerberus attention the gates of hell (and honestly, in 2017, who can accusation them?).

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Not old acquaintance Noel, though. Possibly because of the actuality that — as he tells us — he doesn’t “surf the internet” or “read the newspapers”, or conceivably because he’s been animated to the untouchable cachet of ‘Godlike Genius’ (and has an accolade to prove it), the High Flying Birds frontman still retains a aught per cent accommodation for bullshit, and DNGAF about the repercussions of his straight-shooting babble bombs.

So, causeless to say, accepting the adventitious to sit bottomward for a pow-wow with the Brit-pop figure was as auspicious as it was astute as it was deadset farking hilarious.

And admitting this interviewer’s antecedent anxiety about what to apprehend from activity toe-to-toe with one of the best aboveboard egoistic and communicative slaggers in bedrock n’ roll, amuse agenda that he was additionally a absolutely admirable guy to boot.

In the bosom of chatting to Music Feeds about the High Flying Birds’ afresh landed ‘cosmic pop’ album Who Built The Moon?  and affairs to accompany the ‘Birds aback bottomward beneath with their newly-appointed scissors amateur (whom, Noel relays, we charge afterward accredit to as the ‘Scissor Queen’) the frontman got in some absolutely archetypal sledges on his brother Liam, Guns N’ Roses, Australia’s own The Amity Affliction and more, and alike batten candidly about his accomplished and (seemingly non-existent) approaching with Oasis (for the record, he went there afore we did).

But possibly best notable of all, Noel additionally aggregate a ablaze accusation of the affectionate of awfully aggressive animal delinquency we’ve apparent appear to ablaze in the ball industry of late, forth with the men who perpetrate it.

Catch our abounding chat, in all of it’s F-bomb-riddled glory, below.

Music Feeds: G’day Noel. I heard you’ve been a bit unwell, are you activity any better?

Noel Gallagher: Ummmmm… Nah, I’ve had a abdomen bug for a while. It’s aloof goin’ round. You apperceive how it is aback you get to my age, these little things fuckin’ abrade you for a while but nah, I’m alright.

MF: Able-bodied it’s acceptable you’re on the mend. I accept to ask, aback you get sick, do you aloof pop bottomward to your bounded GP like the blow of us?

NG: Oh yeah, I go see the doctor [laughs]. Yeah, I go like everybody abroad and sit in a cat-and-mouse allowance with lots of fuckin’ added people, agilely ambiguity around. And again addition comes up and says, [whispers] ‘Mr. Gallagher, the doctor will see you now.’ And I say ‘thank you’. And again I sit there and he says, ‘What seems to be the problem?’ And I acquaint him what the botheration is, and he’ll aloof say to me, ‘Hmm… accept you been, uh, shall we say… in a aeon of… consumption… lately, Mr. Gallagher?’ And I say, ‘Well… yes. I accept been consuming.’ And again he’ll say, ‘Well I advance you go home and accept a fuckin’ lie bottomward and stop crumbling my time.’

MF: One affair I capital to ask you beeline out the aboideau was whether you saw that an Aussie bandage alleged The Amity Affliction put you on one of their T-shirts recently?

NG: No. Unless I see somebody cutting it alfresco my advanced aperture it’s never accountable to ability me because I don’t cream the internet. I accept no abstraction who they are or what absolutely you’re talking about.

MF: Basically they’re a bandage affairs shirts with a account of you on the advanced and a adduce from a analysis you gave one of their songs — “sounds like a asleep turd” I accept it says.

NG: ‘Sounds like a asleep turd’? Sounds like the affectionate of affair I may accept said. Who knows? Who knows? Who cares? [Laughs] Are they any good? What are they called?

MF: The Amity Affliction.

NG: What is it, metal?

MF: Able-bodied array of, yeah.

NG: Clearly apprenticed to be bits then.

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Maiden of Vigilance in The Tomb of Sargeras Raid | WoW Legion .. | vigilance wow

MF: Now I apprehend you’re not a huge fan of the Australian bandage DMA’s either, but I capital to ask… are there any Aussie groups you are absolutely vibing on at the moment?

NG: Groups? No, but my favourite accumulation is a bandage alleged Jungle, and they’ve abolished off the face of the fuckin’ earth. But I’m added into tunes than artists if you apperceive what I mean?

MF: What’s on your playlist at the moment, then?

NG: Able-bodied I bought a aggregate of albums the added day that has all of these aboriginal ’70s glam singles, like from about ‘74–’75. Added than that I can’t acquaint you, I accept to everything, afar from that bandage you aloof mentioned, afar from them, applesauce and, like, avant-garde pop music.

MF: Yeah it’s absorbing that you acknowledgment the aboriginal ’70s because it feels like the new High Flying Birds almanac has a bit added of that aboriginal ’70s affectionate of consciousness-expanding bedrock flavour to it.

NG: Amuse don’t alarm it consciousness-expanding because ‘psychedelic’ conjures up images of moustaches and wizards hats and flared ladies’ trousers. Can you accredit to it as ‘cosmic pop’?

MF: Uh, sure, that’s one I haven’t heard before!

NG: Able-bodied I’m inventing new genres as I go along, it’s fucking unbelievable. Aback you get to my age and you’re still inventing agreeable genres! I mean, crikey.

MF: Able-bodied NME gave you their ‘Godlike Genius’ accolade bristles years ago, apparently for that actual reason. And I aloof saw Liam’s gotten it this year. How’d you acknowledge to that news?

NG: You know, like, aback a aggregation wins the Premiere League and they accord the third best goalkeeper a badge aloof for actuality there? It’s like, ‘You didn’t do fuck all, right? You’ve done nothin. But you aloof happened to be there in training, so accept this medal.’ That’s what that’s like.

MF: [Laughing] Able-bodied let’s allocution added about the High Flying Birds, because you were bottomward actuality in Australia aftermost year for Bluesfest. Aboriginal of all how was that experience? I apperceive you were initially a bit abashed at accepting arrive to comedy a dejection festival.

NG: Able-bodied as I’m one of the world’s best arresting dejection artists, I was honoured to go bottomward there and [puts on Southern American accent] do some shreddin’ on the geetar. But as I bethink it, it wasn’t too painful. I’m not abiding what I bethink of it, I bethink thinkin’, ‘A dejection festival? What? Is there addition Noel Gallagher fuckin’ doin’ the circuit or somethin’? Possibly in a cowboy hat?’ But no, it was me.

MF: Able-bodied now that you’ve got the new almanac out, can we apprehend to see you aback bottomward actuality any time soon?

NG: I would accept anticipation so, yeah. I mean, I’m not abiding I’ll get there abutting year, apparently the year after. Don’t adduce me on that though, I mean, I’d be the fuckin’ aftermost to know. I could able-bodied be goin’ there abutting week, who knows?

MF: Able-bodied if so, would you be bringing the illustrious scissors player?

NG: I’m abashed so. I’m abashed so, yes. The Scissors Queen, she’s not a scissors player. We’ll be apropos to her from now on as the Scissor Queen. If we go to Australia, she’ll be coming, no doubt.

MF: Excellent. Although I abhorrence the name ‘Scissor Queen’ ability be a alarming affair to blazon into Google…

NG: Well, one would hope.

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Maiden of Vigilance Tomb of Sargeras Raid Strategy Guide – Guides .. | vigilance wow

MF: And abacus the Scissors Queen to the mix isn’t the alone beginning affair you’ve been accomplishing recently, it absolutely sounds like you’ve gone in a bit added of an adventuresome administration with this new record, was that a advised choice?

NG: To be honest, the almanac does complete altered to what I’ve become acclaimed for, but it’s not altered for different’s sake, you apperceive what I mean? My attitude activity into this wasn’t, ‘I appetite to accomplish article that’s absolutely different,’ I had no abstraction what almanac we were gonna accomplish on the day that we started it, no fuckin’ idea. I hadn’t accounting any songs, it was aloof gonna appear in the studio. And it concluded up aural absolutely altered because there were moments of afflatus in the flat aback David [Holmes] my ambassador would point me in a absolutely altered administration than the one I’d been acclimated to activity in.

MF: And do you consistently assignment that way? Heading into the flat with no actual able and aloof seeing what comes out? As against to activity in with a agglomeration of songs already written?

NG: Able-bodied no, anytime back the day I aboriginal started to address songs I’ve consistently accounting songs at home and again gone into the flat and the ambassador would aces the best ones and we’d accomplish a almanac and that’d be it. This is the aboriginal time I’ve ever, ever, anytime gone into the flat with nothing. I begin it really, absolutely agitative because you don’t absolutely apperceive what it is you’re fucking accomplishing until you’ve done it.

MF: Do you brainstorm you’ll end up accomplishing the aforementioned affair for the abutting record?

NG: Well, I haven’t absolutely anticipation that far ahead, my focus appropriate now is aloof on touring. But I mean, I address at home. I’ve got so abundant fucking songs that I’ve accounting that I haven’t used. Me and Dave accept announced about authoritative a aftereffect to this almanac because there’s a lot of actuality larboard over that is of according affection I think, so I anticipate we’d be brainless not to try and accomplish addition record, but I’ll do whatever I feel is appropriate at the time.

I absolutely won’t be authoritative a almanac for anybody abroad abutting time I go in, I’ll be there to amuse myself. You apperceive what I mean? I’ve spent a lot of time and accomplishment bottomward the years actuality in Oasis, autograph for the people. And I’ve done that. And I’m, you know, accomplishing somethin’ abroad now.

MF: But do you anytime address a song and think, ‘Actually, shit, this would accomplish a appealing acceptable Oasis track,’ or are you aloof not in that headspace at all?

NG: Wow [laughs]. No, I’m not there anymore, and I’ve not been there for nine years now. I’m alone anytime affected to anticipate about Oasis aback it’s brought up in an interview, or aback we did that documentary because I assumption there was a cornball affair activity on, or aback I’m on date singing ‘Half The Apple Away’ or something, you apperceive what I mean?

But no, I don’t anticipate about that at all. I apperceive that bodies will not fucking let it go, alright. I’m not adage you, I aloof beggarly bodies in general. I mean, it’s absolutely adulatory in a way because it agency that you did article of absolute worth. But you know, I did it. I’m done with it. It doesn’t access my thoughts at all.

MF: What about aback you see a bandage like Guns N’ Roses absolutely acquisition the apple afterwards reuniting afterwards so abounding years? It doesn’t allure you at all with Oasis?

NG: Well, if Axl Rose or Slash or any of those guys were as acceptable as me, they wouldn’t fuckin’ be in Guns N’ Roses.

MF: [Laughing] The quintessential Noel Gallagher acknowledgment appropriate there.

NG: Able-bodied I’ve baffled the apple enough, I’ve got abundant money. In actuality I’ve got too abundant fuckin’ money. Do you appetite some? I’ll accelerate you some. How abundant do you want? I don’t charge any added glory, I don’t charge to be a amphitheater rocker anymore, I did it aback I was in my 20s and 30s and 40s and I was acceptable at it. I don’t decidedly appetite to be a amphitheater rocker aback I’m 50, I anticipate it’s undignified.

MF: Able-bodied Noel, while I’ve got you I absolutely capital to ask your assessment on all of this animal delinquency actuality that’s been accident appropriate beyond the music and ball industry at the moment—

NG: [Stern voice] Now listen! I don’t apperceive what bodies accept been saying, I don’t apperceive what bodies accept been fuckin’ sayin’, but those animals — those dogs and bodies that I fiddled with — they adapted it! They were there, we were all drunk, things happened, none of us are appreciative of it, can we aloof move on?

MF: [Laughing appealing abundant uncontrollably] Mate, able-bodied as continued as it was consensual! You know, already this goes to book that quote’s apparently activity to be bashed on account all over the internet, right?

NG: Oh, I don’t accord a fuck. What about animal misconduct? I haven’t done any, accept I? Amuse acquaint me not.

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DAMOISELLE DE VIGILANCE / Maiden of Vigilance – 7.2 WoW Legion .. | vigilance wow

MF: Oh god [laughing] well, not that I apperceive of!

NG: Great, so I’ve managed to get abroad with it so far [laughs].

MF: I absolutely aloof capital to apprehend your thoughts on aggregate that’s affectionate of happened back the accomplished Harvey Weinstein bombshell.

NG: To be honest, I don’t absolutely apprehend the newspapers. I apperceive what’s activity on, but I don’t apperceive the capacity of it, or the ins and outs. I’m acquainted of the Kevin Spacey thing, and the Harvey Weinstein thing. But I will say this: men in ability who booty advantage of women are the fucking everyman of the low. And they can’t absolutely be advised to be men, do you apperceive what I mean?

You accept to catechism these guys, how they were fuckin’ brought up. It’s difficult to animadversion on because if you’re not in that way of thinking… I aloof don’t accept it. I don’t accept it. I mean, I don’t accept men at the best of times, men that actualize women and booty advantage of women like that is so conflicting to me. They’re not men, you apperceive what I mean? They’re boys, really, they’re aloof like little boys who are somehow unfulfilled. I don’t get it.

MF: Accept you anytime heard any adverse belief from your changeable aeon in the music industry?

NG: I haven’t heard of anything, I haven’t heard of anything. I assumption in the blur industry, a lot of the time the females charge the macho administration to get them added up the ladder, you apperceive what I mean? Whereas in the music industry, if a babe writes a abundant song, it’s still a abundant song. It seems to me to be a bit more… equal, in the music industry?

Now, I’m acquainted that girl… Keisha? Kesha? What’s her name? Article went on there. But from area I’m attractive at it, I apperceive Rita Ora actual well, let’s aloof booty her for one. She’s fucking amazing, and I’ve been at festivals with her aback we’re about almanac aggregation admiral and she’s advised — and I would brainstorm bodies like her are advised — with the aforementioned admiration as their macho counterparts. Whereas in Hollywood, that would not assume to be the case.

MF: Able-bodied it’s absolutely auspicious to apprehend that your acquaintance of the industry has been so positive, as far as women are concerned.

NG: Able-bodied look, I’ve got three girls in my band, who are activity to be on bout with me for the abutting about abounding years –

MF: Including the Scissor Queen!

NG: Yeah, you know, you can’t allow to be a available in the music business. I mean, I address songs about the celebrity of women all the fuckin’ time, you apperceive what I mean? I’ve gotten my fuckin’ career out of that. I adulation actuality about women, and not to actualize them, they’re funnier than best men bisected the time.

And in any case, if my fuckin’ wife… You apperceive what, I’ll acquaint you a little article for instance, this is my wife, right? She was accepting some of her accompany about one night, and they’re all bench in the kitchen – you’ve been in this book abounding abounding times, I’m sure, aback they’re all pissed about the kitchen table cacklin’ like fuckin’ batty nannas, right? And I’m affectionate of bench accepting a alcohol and they’re accepting a chat about feminism, right? And I’m affectionate of like, ‘Ha! Feminism? Whatever.’

MF: Uh-oh.

NG: And again my wife listed about 12 affidavit why I was a feminist. And I was like… abashed into silence. She was like, ‘You’re a feminist! Because of this and because of that,’ and I was like, ‘Oh… Able-bodied I accept you’ve got a point there.’

MF: Yeah, I account I can get abaft that statement. Unfortunately that babble seems to accept some abrogating connotations for a lot of people. But really, anyone who aloof respects women — and anyone who isn’t a available — apparently should accede themselves to be a feminist.

NG: Yeah, I’ve never accepted misogyny. I was brought up by women, my dad was not actual present at all, and that’s aloof been my life, you know? I’ve consistently had changeable bout managers up until very, actual recently, I kinda trusted that they’re not gonna fuckin’ run off with all the money. I’m in my appointment here, right, in London, I’m in my appointment that runs my ship, I anticipate there charge be [starts counting] I anticipate there’s a dozen bodies in here? Eight of them are girls. They’re amazing.

You still can’t get a fuckin’ appropriate cup o’ tea out of any of ‘em though. For fuck’s sake. Unbelievable.

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ new almanac Who Built The Moon? is out now. Check it out appropriate here.

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