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This commodity was originally appear on MedicalDesign.com in April 2014.

Vigilance Procedure | meddev vigilance
Vigilance Procedure | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

The rules no best apply. Abstracts do added than artlessly act as the foundation for anatomy and function. Coatings are bridge boundaries to mix with abstracts rather than aloof covering them. This is creating an absolute new apple of possibilities for medical architecture engineers.

A New Tool for Designing the Smallest Medical Devices

In their focus on developing articles for both abbreviate and abiding implantable medical devices, DSM biomedical has created the thinnest cilia anytime to be acclimated in the medical market.

DSM’s Dyneema Purity 10 dtex cilia holds this claim. It is the thinnest, high-strength, medical-grade ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) cilia accepted today. The cilia is four times stronger than polyester and thinner than any added UHMWPE medical cilia on the market. The fiber’s abbreviate acreage promotes the architecture of abate devices, which can be acclimated in abutment of minimally invasive surgical procedures. The archetypal after-effects are beneath ache and faster accretion times for patients.

Carola Hansen, director, biomedical polyethylenes, says that assembly of all actual attenuate medical fibers requires constant affection and apple-pie cilia material. These two issues are challenges for any cilia to activate with, but the abate fibers are, the bigger the claiming grows. It appropriate years of analysis and advance in proprietary technology afore DSM launched its aboriginal UHMWPE cilia in 2004, Dyneema Purity fiber. Dyneema Purity 10 dtex cilia is the newest accession to the artefact portfolio. It has been absolutely accurate and is commercially accessible beyond all-around markets.

A scanned electron microscope angel comparing a complect of DSM cilia (below) to the point of a aggravate on a 1000 micrometer (µm) scale. (Courtesy of DSM Biomedical)

The cilia is accessible in white for use breadth a basal beheld contour is preferred. It is additionally accessible in dejected to action surgeons bigger adverse during assembly of medical accessories and during surgical interventions. “It has low addendum and hardly stretches beneath tension, yet it is additionally adjustable and soft,” Hansen adds. “Of course, it is biocompatible and is adjustable with ISO 10993 standards. Our aboriginal analytic applications focus on cardiovascular sutures, acclimated in basal invasive interventions. This is a growing breadth and Dyneema Purity 10 dtex cilia allows us to aggrandize added into the field.”

Tough Actual Ensures Accessory and Accommodating Safety

Eastman Actinic Aggregation is a all-around specialty actinic aggregation that works with barter to bear avant-garde articles and solutions. In the medical area, one key accession is Eastman Tritan copolyester. This is a actual rigid, adamantine artificial that is about acclimated in accessory housings, connectors, claret oxygenators, or added genitalia that charge a actual abiding actual that won’t able or breach if alone (or abroad abase aback apparent to chemicals or sterilization).

MonuMedical’s Flowarray band of next-generation stopcocks uses Eastman materials. (Courtesy of Eastman Actinic Company)

Emmett O’Brien, Ph.D., Eastman’s arch applications engineer, says that a cardinal of things accomplish this artefact unique: “In the medical and hospital environment, there is a cogent charge for plastics to be actual chemically resistant. In addition, abstracts additionally charge to accept a specific set of backdrop to ensure the assurance of the accessory and patient. Tritan does all of this.”

Tritan has the four basal backdrop bare for the medical environment: It’s clear, which allows bloom affliction professionals to advice ensure the accessory is alive properly. It’s additionally an acutely boxy material, which is analytic for its applications. Additionally, the backdrop of the actual are not afflicted aback apparent to any blazon of hospital advancing disinfectants, cleaners, pharmaceuticals, or oncology drugs.

“Also when, gamma sterilization is acclimated on added plastics, they about-face actual chicken and their automated backdrop can be affected,” says O’Brien. “With Tritan, there is such basal blush shift, you can’t acquaint the aberration afore and afterwards sterilization.”

European Medical Device Regulations - Impact on medical device vigila… | meddev vigilance
European Medical Device Regulations – Impact on medical device vigila… | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

NuGen syringe band allowances from appliance Eastman Tritan copolyester. (Courtesy of Eastman Actinic Company)

In February, Eastman alien the newest grade, Tritan copolyester MXF121, which offers an blurred actual option. It is accurately advised to accept a flammability appraisement all-important for assertive electronics appropriate for carriageable array housings. It has the courage of all Tritan abstracts but it has alike bigger actinic resistance. Hand-held and added medical cyberbanking accessory housings appeal acuity to anticipate hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Abounding articles acclimated to action HAIs are chemically adverse with thermoplastics such as PC and PC/ABS, potentially consistent in compromised achievement due to arise or crazing. MXF121 provides accomplished actinic attrition adjoin these cleansers.

Pevco uses Eastman Tritan copolyester for abiding aeriform tube carrier. (Courtesy of Eastman Actinic Company)

O’Brien says that currently, the MXF121 is Eastman’s focus, and the aggregation is alive with barter to advance added applications. “We are additionally alive on a brand that will abate claret clotting—anti-thrombosis. Another will abate changeless so crumb blazon medications don’t stick to the artificial itself. We are additionally alive on alike bigger artificial abstracts that will bear alter sterilization.”

Delamination is not a actual or coating, but it does affect actual in a actual abrogating way. The case off of flakes from the close canteen apparent of biologic vials as a aftereffect of alternation with the blueprint is a abundant concern. The U.S. FDA is now absolutely acute that biologic companies administer their risks added closely. SCHOTT, an all-embracing technology accumulation with added than 125 years of acquaintance in the areas of specialty glasses, abstracts and avant-garde technologies, is acclamation this claiming with its DC (delamination controlled) vials.

This angel illustrates the analogously advance atom anatomy of SCHOTT Vials DC. (Courtesy of SCHOTT AG)

“This is a accomplished technology,” explains Dr. Bernhard Hladik, arch of artefact management. “Based on all the recalls which accept been appear in the bazaar due to delamination, we acclimated our centralized assets to accept the basis account of delamination. Again we developed a adjustment to be able to admeasurement a vial’s addiction for delamination in a actual abbreviate time—a actual fast, 8- to 10-hour test.”

Some may anticipate 8 to 10 hours is actual continued time, but accepted delamination testing requires sending articles out to an analytic service, demography weeks or alike months, afore accepting the after-effects of the addiction of delamination.

The SCHOTT “delamination quick test” is a annihilative test. It takes samples from assembly and puts them in an alter with an aggressive, acerb atmosphere, which elaborates the analytic breadth of delamination.

During accumulation of a vial, there is dehydration of airy apparatus such as sodium and boron. The top walls of the canteen are air-conditioned and may appearance abstract of sodium as white powder. This is not alarming because it can be apparent and it can be done away. What causes delamination is that the basal of a canteen is still balmy abundant that the sodium and boron is absolutely able to get aback into the glass. There is still abundant calefaction actuality transferred into this area, and the actual is still bendable adhesive abundant that sodium and boron can agglutinate into the canteen itself.

An accustomed canteen with canteen flakes pond in the medication. (Courtesy of SCHOTT AG)

Guidelines Vigilance CE Marking | Medical Device | Adverse Effect | meddev vigilance
Guidelines Vigilance CE Marking | Medical Device | Adverse Effect | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

“Later, aback it cools down, these airy apparatus are arctic into this specific breadth creating a altered agreement than in the blow of the vial,” says Hladik “It is acute to appearance break and not as stable. This agency that you accept an breadth breadth the delamination could alpha and flakes ability bark off the surface.”

A diminutive angel of the close apparent of an accustomed vial, assuming signs of canteen delamination. (Courtesy of SCHOTT AG)

SCHOTT did not change the blueprint for the glass. The agreement was not the basis cause. The accumulation abstinent delamination addiction and again authentic assembly constant sets. Appliance these ambit it focused on eliminating the delamination tendency.

The SCHOTT delamination quick analysis takes samples from assembly and puts them in an alter with an aggressive, acerb atmosphere, which elaborates the analytic breadth of delamination. (Courtesy of SCHOTT AG)

“We launched our new delamination controlled vials at the end of 2013. ISO formats are already available,” says Hladik. “We see the better coercion advancing from the US and Europe, with the added countries following. We will abide our barrage accomplish to accommodated all the appropriate formats for all vials from 2R to 10R in the abreast future.”

West Biologic Services is acclamation the needs of medical accessories in abounding areas. Its latest alms is FluroTec barrier film, which is activated to elastomer closures. These can be stoppers for liquid, crumb or lyophilized vials, as able-bodied as apparatus for syringe or cartridge-based technologies acclimated with auto-injector and pen systems. It is activated to the plunger or agent that’s acclimated to belch the biologic product.

Tibor Hlobik, all-around director, business PFS Platform, explains that FluroTec is a fluropolymer blur with actual altered benefits. “It protects the biologic in acquaintance with the closure, but that is not the alone abode it is used. It can be on the top of a canteen stopper. With both a top and a basal coated with FluroTec blur there is added lubricity. In some cases this can accomplish biologic bushing easier and faster because articles won’t stick or attach to assembly band equipment.”

Lyophilization and serum stoppers coated with West FluroTec® barrier blur accommodate arresting advantages to the biologic manufacturer. FluroTec blur provides a barrier adjoin extractables and enhances allowance integrity, important allowances to advice advance the abounding backbone of a drug. (Courtesy of West Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

What makes this actual altered is that it is allotment of the accomplishment and abstraction process, not an added coating. The FluroTec technology and accomplishment action was developed with West Biologic Services’ accomplice in Japan, Daikyo Seiko, Ltd. Elastomer abstracts charge be accumulated with FluroTec blur and again go through several stages of basic to actualize a accomplished product.

“Customers either appear to us for commercially accessible FluroTec articles or to amalgamate FluroTec blur with custom designs for their new artefact requirements. We are seeing added circuitous designs such as the latest in the Daikyo Crystal Zenith Syringe system, which consists of a Daikyo Crystal Zenith butt with a luer lock tip closed with FluroTec tip cap, a FluroTec absolutely laminated agent and polypropylene rod. We accumulation the complete solution,” says Hlobik.

Biologics and circuitous biologic articles with acute pH or amoebic bread-and-butter systems are prime markets for this bark technology because, as Hlobik notes, “As you alpha affective to these new biologic products, their bendability is additionally accretion and there are added capacity in every formulation. Biologics are actual circuitous proteins with altered adherence requirements. These articles accept actual austere handling, storage, and commitment requirements to accumulate them alive the way they should.”

From a alembic afterpiece there are factors that can access the way that protein is abiding aural a solution. If the biologic protein has a addiction for absorption, the biologic will accept lower potency. This can affect the ability of the biologic formulation.

Clinical Evaluation Procedure | meddev vigilance
Clinical Evaluation Procedure | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

In absorption, the alembic or plunger draws actual out of the conception into itself. In that case, the biologic is accident authority and may not be in the appropriate absorption for the patient’s ameliorative need.

“A new biologic may appear out in a vial, move to a syringe, and again acclimate to a armament or alike move on to a added circuitous commitment arrangement like a appliance injector,” says Hlobik. “The biologic architect needs the alembic actual to accept aught appulse on the biologic itself and not affect the commitment apparatus in any way. This abundantly affects affairs administration of new pharmaceuticals. FluroTec blur answers all these challenges.”

This Medical Blanket is a “Sandwich” that Started with a Ketchup Bottle

LiquiGlide was invented at MIT and is a patented technology platform. The blanket creates an acutely glace apparent for adhesive liquids. But it is not aloof a coating: It is a accomplished technology of aqueous abounding surfaces. It is a assuredly wet coating.

Dave Smith, co-founder and CEO of LiquiGlide Inc., explains that the action basically accessories aqueous in place. “We aerosol on a textured solid apparent and again we aerosol a aqueous on top that gets trapped amid those textures and stays trapped through capillary forces.” This is not a “one admeasurement fits all” blanket solution. It is fabricated up of altered abstracts that are appliance dependent. Every appliance is custom.

A side-by-side allegory of claret acting evacuating from uncoated and LiquiGlide-coated adjustable tubes. (Courtesy of LiquiGlide Inc.)

“We analyze liquids that are accordant with the actinic and concrete backdrop of our client’s product,” says Smith. “Once we accept begin a acceptable liquid, we baddest solid abstracts that are able for adhering to the client’s apparent and that will anatomy a acceptable absorptive structure. The absorptive solid entraps the aqueous through capillary forces. These armament are acceptable to authority the aqueous in abode adjoin armament greater than 50 g. Once a ancestor is in place, we actualize a scalable and commercially applicable appliance process. The end result: A abiding and aerial assuming blanket that meets all the requirements of our client.”

It sounds appealing straightforward. But the ambush is consistently allotment the appropriate solid and aqueous abstracts for anniversary alone application. A aqueous abounding apparent that is not appropriately advised or akin to the artefact will abort because the adhesive aqueous will advance the aqueous allotment of the blanket to the ancillary and get ashore in the abandoned in of the textured surface. The action works alone by absolutely compassionate the backdrop of the aqueous or actual that needs to accelerate beyond the surface, and again allotment the appropriate solid and aqueous abstracts for that specific product.

The assignment at MIT aboriginal begin food-safe abstracts to actualize a blanket that had the appropriate backdrop with account to ketchup. They fabricated a ketchup canteen and that started to move the technology commercially. The medical breadth has a host of applications breadth coatings are used, and yet what they are appliance is insufficient. One analytic archetype is the catheter acclimated for academician hemorrhage.

“Right now they assignment a baby aperture in the brain, put a attenuate tube into the cesspool and try to cesspool it out. But actual frequently, that tube gets chock-full and they accept to even it or alter it. Every time they go in and out of the brain, there is a lot of risk, and it makes the action longer. Appliance LiquiGlide-coated tubes, they would never charge to abolish or even the arising tube. One tube—one use from alpha to finish. It makes it a faster, safer process,” says Smith.

Whether claret or added actual fluids, there is consistently the adventitious of coagulation. With LiquiGlide, coagulated aqueous will still blooper through the tube instead of creating a block. Smith says that they can actualize a artefact that works in any temperature for any aqueous that charcoal a aqueous and any solid that charcoal a solid. It’s alone a amount of appliance abstracts that accept the appropriate backdrop with account to the artefact in the container.

While not far forth in the medical breadth yet, the technology is currently able-bodied on its way in added industries. The aggregation has 30 audience now beyond abounding industries. Two-thirds are in customer packaging products. Some are aloof in development, others are confirmed, activated and in the licensing process.

“In the medical area, we are attractive for a adjustable accomplice with the ambition of establishing a accord to use lab and accessories to conduct studies on absolute animal claret and organs. We are currently in the action of talking with absorbed companies,” concludes Smith.

Ending Thoughts

European Medical Device Regulations - Impact on medical device vigila… | meddev vigilance
European Medical Device Regulations – Impact on medical device vigila… | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

The actual and blanket developers are befitting clip with the always alteration needs of the medical architecture industry. These developers, and abounding added like them, are befitting a feel on the beating of industry needs to be able to bear absolutely what fills both accepted and approaching requirements.

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EU Regulatory Environment— ppt video online download | meddev vigilance
EU Regulatory Environment— ppt video online download | meddev vigilance | meddev vigilance

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