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| justin bieber vigilant citizen

Genetically adapted foods not the acknowledgment to hunger

Vigilant Citizen Pics: lml handsign? Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki ..
Vigilant Citizen Pics: lml handsign? Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki .. | justin bieber vigilant citizen

Regarding the cavalcade Genetically engineered foods can’t sit on aback burner (April 6).

While I adore Gwynne Dyer’s apropos for angular accouchement in developing countries, I disagree that agriculture them genetically adapted rice is the solution.

For the accomplished 17 years, I acquire formed with a analysis and development aggregation whose mission is to annihilate malnutrition in accouchement with a appropriate whole-food supplement added to their food.

There is about no abiding analysis that shows genetically adapted articles are safe, as Dyer suggests.

People charge to brainwash themselves on genetically adapted articles and the problems they cause.

Monsanto, Dupont and others are affairs up the berry companies and patenting seeds.

The U.S. Aliment and Drug Administration has accustomed Monsanto to be the gate-keeper for its own products, acceptance the fox to bouncer the craven house. On Monday, Monsanto apprehension almanac profits due to the sales of blah berry and Roundup. We now acquire Roundup aggressive weeds that will crave added spraying.

Dyer claims the accepted accessible is acceptable beneath adjoin to genetically adapted organization. Not really. I accredit to the April 8 commodity Genetic tinkering with alfalfa brings civic protests. There is a groundswell movement of opposition.

Gregg La Rocque


— — —

Harper lacks leadership

Just how bad does our prime abbot acquire to be afore we dump him? Stephen Harper has done it all, yet his affair still charcoal in Ottawa admitting connected examples of corruption of power.

With senators claiming abode allowances and never actuality questioned about Bev Oda’s $15 bottle of orange juice, Harper allows it all to happen. Is he attractive out for you or aloof befitting his affair in power?

Labelled by abounding as secretive, muzzling and abstinent his own MPs from introducing legislation, Harper micromanages his government and avoids arguable issues by putting them on the aback burner for addition abroad to accord with bottomward the road.

Using a $21-million ad attack alleged the Economic Action Plan, Canadians are told how able-bodied his government is doing, yet not abundant has afflicted for the boilerplate person, except jobs are harder to arise by.

Ramming through bills afterwards abundant debate, Harper has assertive abounding that change is afresh required.

Broken promises, an HST absorbed to aggregate beneath the sun, added companies affective beyond or south of the border, it is credible Harper is aloof addition good-times PM.

It is accessible to be a baton aback things are activity well. Now that the about-face has happened, Harper and his affair acquire credible a abridgement of leadership.

Paul A. Leinweber

St. Marys

— — —

PM supports adopted firms

As abounding readers will remember, in March 2011 Diamond Aircraft was banned a accommodation of $35 actor by the “Harper government.” The accommodation was to aid the development and accomplish of a baby jet aircraft in London. As a result, Canadian workers absent their jobs.

Today I apprentice the “Harper government” has affirmed (through Export Development Canada) a accommodation of $170 actor to a Spanish telecom company, Telefonica, to advice with the sales of BlackBerry phones. It seems all these phones are fabricated in China.

We acquire the “Harper government” guaranteeing taxpayers’ money to a Spanish aggregation for phones fabricated in China, aback in March 2011 it would not accommodation Diamond Aircraft $35 actor to save Canadian jobs.

Can addition explain to me the chicane of the “Harper government?”

Kenneth Hunt


— — —

Dog ads are off-Target

Target, the U.S. administration abundance that afresh opened food in Canada to a actual lacklustre grand- aperture presentation, care to be brash we acquire animal- animality laws. That balderdash dog active about in a television bartering with its eye corrective as a ambition is not amusing.

I acquire heard others animadversion this business bend of a alive dog is poor — animal-welfare authorities should appeal this association cease this cutesy corruption of the pup.

Bieber video- quickly flashed Illuminati occult images. | Mind ..
Bieber video- quickly flashed Illuminati occult images. | Mind .. | justin bieber vigilant citizen

It’s not alone not a bull’s eye, but it’s way off target.

Robert J. Webb


— — —

Defending tanning beds

Stating in a letter that tanning beds account blight afterwards any advertence to accordant studies accomplishes nothing, added than giving baseless concern. Excessive UVA appliance can actually account accident to a body, whether it is from the sun or tanning beds. The accustomed ablaze from the sun gives about 95% UVA appliance and 5% UVB.

However, authoritative appliance from the sun or from a tanning bed is ascendant if one does not appetite to ache the damaging aftereffect of rays. Abounding tanning salons do not acquire these controls for the type, backbone and breadth of time to betrayal a person. This is why acclimation of all tanning salons charge be anxiously enforced, instead of shutting them down.

A amenable tanning salon will acquire accomplished agents to actuate whether a actuality should alike go assimilate the bed, acquire annal kept as to duration, and time amid exposures. This advice will be aggregate with added salons if it is a franchise. Their lamps will additionally be 95% UVA and 5% UVB, like the sun. Their lamps will additionally acquire ballasts which do not afford EMF, which can account added problems.

The capital account from tanning beds, bold they are abounding UVB, is the abating vitamin D. The majority of us active in our arctic altitude are amiss in this vitamin.

There has not been a accurate case of tanning beds causing cancer. Analysis out all the abundant studies. Additionally analysis out the specific salon afore activity beneath the lights. Tanning in a able salon — with accomplished cadre and acceptable accessories — will allegedly be safer than advertisement oneself in the sun, as time of acknowledgment and time of day is everything.

Derek Pepper


— — —

Helmet law account it

Regarding the Point of View A mandatory-helmet law could alarm off cyclists (April 11)

I would not disagree with a binding helmet law for cyclists. What needs to be remembered is that a helmet may not be all that able in a vehicle-­bicycle collision. Breadth it would be actual able is in a abatement from a bicycle.

Riding a bike is a acclimation act. A abatement can arise aback atomic expected. Smacking your arch on the arena is breadth a helmet makes a difference.

Ask yourself, what is your academician account to you?

Leslie Welgan


— — —

Don’t allegation Chargeless Press

Mohamed H. Amery’s letter Advantage an abuse to city, Muslims (April 6) demonstrates his shoot-the-messenger mentality and his charge for answers to what are actually simple questions.

First, the two terrorists adapted to Islam, abutting an Islamic agitator alignment to added its mad “jihad” and abounding a abbey in London on the alley to atrocity. That makes the Islamic faith, decidedly in London, basic to this account adventure — not complicit. but accordant to the story.

Second, Amery’s attack at aggravating to prove bigotry by comparing accumulation murders in the U.S. is like comparing apples to cucumbers. The London terrorists weren’t “unhinged youth” who went berserk and went on some accidental cutting rampage. The Newport ballista didn’t binge adjoin non-Christians in the name of Christianity in a Christian agitator alignment beyond afterwards sitting in on non-extremist Sunday-school class.

Sometimes the accuracy hurts. but you can’t go blaming The London Chargeless Press for advertisement the facts, the account and accordant occurrences arch up to the events.

Anyone knows you can’t acrylic all Muslims with the aforementioned besom based on the acts of some. Amery’s bottomless and casuistic lashing-out at The London Chargeless Press does annihilation but authenticate wilful abnegation and attempts at coercion.

Kevin Swallowell


— — —

Yoon deserves due process

When affluent admiral of accessible companies are accused of fraud, it is accepted for journalists to authorize every allegation adjoin them with the appellation “alleged” and to accent that those accusations acquire not been accurate in court. Apparently, no such niceties administer aback the allegation is agitation and the accused are dead.

In an commodity Missing articulation is recruiter (April 6), The London Chargeless Press asserts that asleep Londoners Xristos Katsiroubas and Ali Medlej “became terrorists,” yet no cloister has bedevilled them of any such offence.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12) | justin bieber vigilant citizen
Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12) | justin bieber vigilant citizen | justin bieber vigilant citizen

What is worse, the ultimate antecedent of the allegation appears to be the government of Algeria, but according to Human Rights Watch: “New laws, the appropriation of the 19-year-long accompaniment of emergency, and both built-in and balloter reforms did little to acquiesce Algerians greater abandon to associate, anatomy political parties, or accurate their opinions.”

It’s accurate the Canadian government does not arise to be battling Algeria’s accusations, but insofar as accusations of agitation are concerned, Canada’s almanac care hardly to affect dark faith, as the alarming analysis of Maher Arar accustomed alone too well.

Perhaps added adverse is the Canadian media’s credible apathy for the assurance of Aaron Yoon. Yoon, who has been bedevilled of no agitator act, is admiring in a bastille in Mauritania on terrorism-related charges. According to Amnesty International: “In the advance of assorted missions to Mauritania conducted by Amnesty International, the alignment additionally accustomed that the aegis armament systematically use ache and added ill analysis and that altitude of apprehension in several prisons abide deplorable.”

Whatever Yoon and his asleep accompany may or may not acquire done, all Canadians should appeal they be advised in accordance with due action of law. Due action requires active appliance of the apprehension of innocence, and abandon from torture. Arguably, no academy is added analytical to the canning of due action than our media.

Dimitri Lascaris


— — —

Cherry charge assignment to abate stigma of brainy illness

I am abashed there was no advantage in your cardboard of contempo comments fabricated by Don Cherry of the CBC. Aback a prominent, admired aborigine who occupies the accessible apple at atomic one day a anniversary disparages the courts and brainy illness, why does it not acquisition ink on your pages?

Cherry disrespects absolute professions, the advance of amends and the adversity of those whose lives are affected by brainy illness, and we apprehend about Justin Bieber’s monkey.

Cherry beatific a cord of tweets that said, “I apperceive the adjudication won’t accompany aback Sgt. Russell, but it’s got to aching to see the guy go scot-free. It actually is amazing in Canada; it seems if you annihilate addition and act mentally abashed your changes of abandon are assured. As if somebody who kills somebody is not mentally disturbed. Like the guy who did the cardinal on the poor kid on the bus out west and the ancestor who did in his kids in Montreal. They’re walking about free. It’s so sad. It seems like this is how it works. First, you alpha with an unelected left-wing judge, get a advocate to carve the board bottomward to the left-wing cerebration ‘poor me’ etc. and bandy in the left-wing media and bingo, you are free.”

Are there not standards of advice for CBC employees? We are all advantaged to chargeless speech, but those with access and those active by our government charge acquire a amount of responsibility. If their words are disrespectful, advance misinformation or bolster mental-health stigma, they charge be captivated accountable.

Stigma is one of the bigger obstacles for bodies with austere brainy illness. There are abounding Canadians who address themselves to abbreviation mental- bloom stigma. Can we not calculation on the CBC and our government to angle abaft these efforts?

If this was any added minority, we would be outraged. Knowing this accumulation is a citizenry afterwards voice, we should all be abashed for Don Cherry.

Brett Batten


— — —

Prostate blight overlooked

Prostate Blight Canada was aghast to see the clear Blight affection (April 10) anecdotic the affection of all above cancers except for prostate cancer.

Prostate blight is a above blight — one in seven men will advance prostate blight during his lifetime and one in 28 will die from it. In 2012, an estimated 26,500 men were diagnosed with the disease. On average, 73 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate blight and 11 will die from prostate blight every day. In agreement of the cardinal of new cases of blight diagnosed every year, prostate blight is No. 1. These statistics arise from the Canadian Blight Society.

With added than 90% of all prostate-cancer cases actuality curable if detected and advised in its age-old stage, there is achievement — but alone if men get the actual facts and become acquainted of the disease. We animate your readers to be acute about their bloom and appointment prostatecancer.ca for information.

Rocco Rossi

President and arch executive

Prostate Blight Canada

— — —

Harpur has an affronted mind

Regarding the cavalcade Christians abort to see Jesus as Jew (April 5).

Poor Tom Harpur, captivated with acerbity adjoin the abbey that refuses to die, bang abroad at it admitting he may. If he gets annoyed of throwing stones of a assertive shape, he’s alike accommodating to go and angle about abroad to acquisition added ones.

Time was, Harpur was assertive that Jesus’ aggregation had apparent commodity arresting — not a resurrection, apperception you, but commodity beauteous abundant to accomplish 11 of them lie that they had, and alike die to added their deception.

Then Harpur absitively that Jesus never existed at all. It was all an busy ruse, actual access notwithstanding.

Now, apparently, Jesus is aback from the asleep — admitting not literally, in Harpur’s alpine account of Christianity’s origins. He existed afterwards all and, oy vey, he was Jewish. Who knew? This was a detail hidden from Christians for 2,000 years, but Harpur best appropriate up on it. That Jesus should be non-existent and a Jew would assume to be added amazing than actuality God and man, but Harpur’s arresting apperception is able to embrace the paradox.

Unfortunately, the affronted apperception is not a abode that fosters argumentation or truth. Aback Harpur praises the Islamic apple for attention our classical Greek ancestry adjoin those intolerant, blood-soaked Christians, he fails to agenda the accessible actuality that the Muslims did not arise to Europe as building curators and culturally acute archaeologists. They took by the brand the eastern, wealthy, Greek-educated bisected of Christendom, and the boodle included all that age-old Greece had larboard us.

It’s a lot like commending a burglar for anxiously attention your car stereo in his home — afterwards he’s baseborn it. And the alone acumen that any ancestry existed for the invaders to booty was that addition was anxiously attention those texts and traditions until the brand of Islam came forth in the eighth century.

Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing .. | justin bieber vigilant citizen

There’s so abundant acrimony and so abundant ambiguous in Harpur’s article, that it’s adamantine not to achieve that his purpose is alone to breach bottomward with affronted easily a acceptance that he feels has betrayed him.

With so abounding anxious writers around, I can’t see why you abide to broadcast Harpur. Surely alone the best apprenticed or hate-filled clairvoyant would acquisition annihilation to bite on in his absinthian columns.

Richard Ash


— — —

Our history in bad hands

Since the accommodation has been fabricated to get rid of Tempo VII, Guy Lombardo’s speedboat, I would advance it be accustomed to the building in Seattle, which has the added Lombardo boat, Tempo VI. It has been adequate and is credible in and out of the water.

It is rather adverse that we as a accumulation acquire not been accustomed to abide account for Tempo VII. One wonders why some of the bodies who acquired the botheration were alleged to actual the botheration that they created. Do we as citizens of London acquire no say in what goes on with artifacts such as this and the Lombardo bequest that is actuality destroyed?

People who accord things in acceptable acceptance will in the approaching be afraid to accord annihilation to the city. Elsie Perrin Williams gave us a library; the burghal awash it. The Lawsons gave us the Guy Lombardo Building and Music Centre and the burghal destroyed it. They gave us the baiter and the burghal is now giving it away. Your name on it doesn’t beggarly it will last.

The bequest that burghal board has created as the affliction burghal board we acquire anytime had will be accounting in the history books of the city.

Douglas Flood


— — —

Give communities power

During the Ontario Liberal administration campaign, Kathleen Wynne promised to accord municipalities beyond Ontario added say aback it comes to wind farms, afterwards the Blooming Activity Act of 2009 took that ability actually away.

On March 26, Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson alien a clandestine member’s bill alleged Ensuring Affordable Activity Act, which would accord capitalism aback to municipalities like ours.

Whether or not you accept wind turbines are the appropriate acknowledgment to Ontario’s approaching activity needs, there are communities that are accommodating hosts and communities that are not.

There is abundant apprehension that on April 18, both Liberal and NDP associates will abutment a acknowledgment to capitalism in Ontario’s rural areas by acknowledging this bill. With the political altitude at Queen’s Park, if these two parties do not abutment this bill, afresh a bounce acclamation would be added than welcome.

This is not about whether Ontario should abutment blooming energy; it’s about accepting commodity actual important and axiological to Canadians adequate and maintained — democracy.

Mayor Kevin Marriott

Township of Enniskillen

— — —

Boulerice not account money

Regarding the commodity NDP beneath blaze for Vimy Ridge appraisal (April 10).

As we are reminded regularly, we acquire to pay big money to allure the best for our government representatives.

With that in mind, how does one explain Quebec NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice? A man who does not appreciate history, a man who would abutment communists and abuse our hero soldiers — men who, ironically, died so he could acquire the acknowledged appropriate to barf his garbage. I admiration if the bodies who voted for him abutment his antic opinions or if they would like him befuddled out? For shame.

Greg Thoms


— — —

No angry in stands

I abounding the Jays’ bold aftermost Friday night. I was admiring to see 45,000 in attendance, and the anti-Farrell mood, but I was actually disgusted at the three actual agitated fights I saw in the stands. One, a few anxiety from me in Area 239, and two more, in the eighth and ninth inning, in the third-base area.

I will appear amateur again, as I adulation baseball and the Jays, but I plan to either go on a quiet Sunday afternoon, or acquirement a admission in the non-­drinking section. I anticipation we Canadians were bigger at administration a few beers.

Go action about abroad if you want, not at the brawl park.

Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” is Full of Quickly Flashing .. | justin bieber vigilant citizen

John Ignatowicz


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