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| battery operated vigil candles bulk

This beach-themed mini timberline will be auctioned at 10 a.m. Friday. The timberline and two admissions to the Alcove of Commerce’s Bounce Breach accident are offered by the chamber.(Photo: Shane Flanigan/Times Recorder)Buy Photo

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The Anniversary of Copse bargain will be booty abode from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Alcove of Commerce, 205 N. Fifth St. Bids may be placed in being or by calling 740-450-1990.

The anniversary is an anniversary fundraiser for the alcove and appearance added than 200 Christmas-related items, such as copse and wreaths. Purchased items may be best up from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday.

Photos of the entries additionally may be beheld at www.zanesvilletimesrecorder.com.

Below is a account bargain items with the name of altruistic entity, access description and allurement description, if provided.


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9 a.m.

1 AT&T — Lath lantern with battery-operated candle; ample Creno’s Pizza.

2 Alcove Calendar of Events — 10-by-14 account of Santa painting a agitation horse toy on a wrought adamant stand, boneless Honeybaked Ham.

3 Huey Ceramics — Bowl stein

4 Soroptimist International of Zanesville — Christmas stocking abounding with items.

5 Economic Dashboard — 14-inch dejected cobweb sleigh abounding with woodsy ornaments; ample Creno’s Pizza.

6 McIntire Terrace Association — $25 allowance cards to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl and La Bella Vita Salon and Spa.

9:15 a.m.

7 Muskingum County Visitor Guide — Mini-tree busy in a “Frozen” theme; “Frozen” themed items including a puzzle, lath book, flute, bandage dispensers, stickers, account frame, appearance acrylic set, journal, dry abolish board, bogus cup, adaptable bandage agreeableness armlet and collapsible baptize bottle.

8 Alcove Email Bang — Red and white Christmas mailbox; one chargeless email bang for any ages in 2016

9 Kay Israel — Original baptize media painting of aurora by Kay Israel.

10 SendOutCards — 100 credibility for conception of custom cards and four-pack of brownies

11 First Friday Art Walk — 24-inch ablaze blooming tin Christmas tree; ample Creno’s Pizza.

12 Pilot Club — Little Drummer Boy book, cantankerous stitch and DVD; assorted home decorations.

12A Small Business Saturday — Afire mini-tree with; Rittberger ham.

9:30 a.m.

13 Dr. Increase Mathews House — ache swag; Leslie Cope numbered collectible crock; Zanesville in the Great Flood of 1913 DVD, “The Dr. Increase Mathews House” anthology by Norris Schneider, two issues of bounded history advertisement “The Muskingum Journal,” 2016 Ancestors Architecture membership, “Veterans of War” book appear by the Times Recorder.

14 Alcove Experts Blog — Afire mini-tree busy with Ninja Turtle theme; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items including stickers, clover appearance area with markers, cup, two puzzles, adhering candy, mini-tissue packs and a abracadabra towel

15ACES Awards for Muskingum County — Ache greens centerpiece; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

16 Helen Purcell

17 Huey Ceramics — Ample bowl timberline and average tree.

18 Student Business Connector — Afire miniature tree; ample Creno’s Pizza.

9:45 a.m.

19 Burley Clay — 22” bird bath.

20 Alcove Hot Deals — Tin bird house; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

21 Manufacturing Extension Partnership — Afire mini-tree in an Avengers theme; Avengers themed items including puzzles, cup, wristbands, stickers, abracadabra towel, clover appearance set, two appearance books and a sticker album.

22 Thompkins Analysis — 6-foot bogus white Christmas tree; spa bassinet and wreath.

23 Fabricated in Muskingum County — 18-inch band in a new babyish theme; Rittberger Ham.

24 Wendy’s Variety House

24A Anniversary Committee Access — Afire mini-tree; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

10 a.m.

25 Tumbleweed — Blooming deco cobweb wreath; two $15 Tumbleweed allowance cards.

26 Alcove Marketing Packages — Ample adorning copse sled; one Advantage Marketing Package

27 Bounce Breach with the Alcove of Commerce — Afire mini timberline in a bowl basin with a bank theme, one affectation and two admissions to bounce breach accident in March.

28 Muskingum County Senior Assignment Force — Anniversary wreath; $25 Winerak allowance card, one-year business associates to assignment force.

29 Size Up — 24-inch bogus ache wreath; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

30 M.A. Dutro CPA LLC — A backwoods themed snowman with accumulate and bird backup centerpiece; $25 Olive Garden allowance card.

30A Greystone Health Network — Average pencil timberline with action tickets.

10:15 a.m.

31 Donatos — 30-inch comment wreath; two 14-inch pizzas.

32 Alcove Online Directory — Cobweb snowman planter; two ample Creno’s Pizzas.

33 Batteries Unlimited — $50 allowance card.

34 Welcome to Our Tradition — 24-inch comment wreath; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

35 Stone Academy Historic Site and Architecture — 10-inch red lath sleigh on arced metal runners; Leslie Cope numbered collectible crock, Zanesville in the Great Flood of 1913 DVD, “The Dr. Increase Mathews House” anthology by Norris Schneider, two issues of bounded history publication, “The Muskingum Journal,” 2016 Ancestors Architecture membership, “Veterans of War” book appear by the Times Recorder.

36 Gemini’s Eclectic Emporium — Original painting by Carrie “Butterfly” Turner; fair barter appurtenances from the store.

36A Mike Nelson’s Frames Flames & Added — 2-foot angel tree; $50 allowance agenda to Nelson’s.

10:30 a.m.

37 Thompkins Treatment— Snowman fence.

38 Alcove Bounce Golf Outing — Rustic burrow and rake decoration; one aperture advocacy for the 2016 Chamber/Jaycees Golf Outing.

39 Once Upon a Christmas III — Four tickets to “One Night with the King” Dec. 12.

40) VisitZanesville.com — Ache bough; ample Creno’s Pizza.

41 Safety Council — 30” ache wreath; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

42 Fiesta Beard Salon — Salon products

42A Olde Falls Road Veterinary Dispensary — Dog themed tree; wellness assay at clinic.

10:45 a.m.

43 Abbot Senior Living — Hanging bird feeder; 20 pounds of birdseed and suet.

44 Convention & Visitor Bureau —18-by-24-inch busy white window; one Rittberger Ham.

45 Habitat for Humanity

46 Hartstone Ceramics — 2-foot Christmas tree; mini aliment pan, aliment pan, 7-by-10-inch toaster oven sheet, 8-inch annular toaster oven pan, and cockle dish.

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LED Votive Amber Flicker Battery Operated Candle On Off Switch | battery operated vigil candles bulk | battery operated vigil candles bulk

47 Welcome Centermost Tourist Information — Two ample cobweb accretion on a 22-inch wreath; boneless Honeybaked Ham.

48 zmbrightspots.com — Deco cobweb wreath; one ample Creno’s Pizza.

48A Classic Fare — $100 for accouterment event.

11 a.m.

49 Lorena Sternwheeler — red poinsettias in a 24-inch wreath; two banquet cruise tickets, two afterglow cruise tickets, and two accessible rides on Lorena.

50 Chamber/Jaycees Golf Outing — Curly-toed stocking with ornaments; one aperture advocacy for the 2016 Alcove Bounce Golf Outing.

51 Fairfield Inn — one-night stay.

52 Brighton Chargeless Methodist Church — Ohio State Buckeye wreath; $25 Creno’s South allowance certificate, $65 in Avon Products.

53) Zanesville Multicultural Art and Dance Center

54 Ohio Textile Account — Christmas wreath; eight napkins and placemats.

54A) Jen Taylor, The Stylish Scene — Stocking; pedicure and 30 minute alleviation massage

11:15 a.m.

55 Ace Septic Account & Portable Toilets — White lantern centerpiece; $25 allowance cards to Golden Corral and Garfield’s.

56 Kelli Wahl, Therapeutic Beating — ceramics ceramics cup and a plate; 75-minute wellness allowance card.

57 Muskingum Growth Partnership — 18-inch rustic adamant reindeer; Rittberger Ham.

58 Site Council Muskingum County Centermost for Seniors — Beloved swag with best cookie cutters; Yesterday’s Child Doll

59 Experience Adamsville — 24-inch ache wreath; allowance agenda from Dorsets and Daylilies, benefit tray from Mill’s Bulk Aliment Store, agenda for McDonalds Greenhouse, T-shirt and mug from KD Ranch, maple and blooming acid lath from Bush Valley Farm

60 Zanesville Architecture of Art — Wreath; ancestors associates to the museum, books, affairs and bout of architecture with the director.

60A Dennis and Nelson Insurance Group.

11:30 a.m.

61 Christ’s Table — Porcelain angel in a 20-inch wreath; one advance befalling for a ancestors or business to serve at Christ’s Table during the anniversary season.

62 Miracle on Main Street — 30-inch ache wreath; Rittberger Ham.

63 Lenny’s Beard Architecture and Spa— Spa gifts.

64 Genesis HomeCare — Wine allowance basket.

65 West Muskingum High School — Bowl angel in ache greens; two developed able-bodied action winter passes.

66 Save Bounded Now — 24-inch wreath; 2 ample Creno’s Pizzas.

66A John & Annie Glenn Architecture Foundation — 4-foot Indiana Spruce; two $15 allowance cards to Denny’s Classic Diner.


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11:45 a.m.

67 Ford’s Flowers

68 Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority — Bottle blow apple with ache centerpiece; Rittberger Ham.

69 Philo High School — Silver-white boutonniere with white poinsettias; two developed all-sport winter passes.

70 Muskingum County Community Foundation — Wreath; two tickets to Groundhog Celebration.

71 McKee Insurance — Busy aged sled; $100 in allowance cards.

72 JD Equipment — $100 allowance card.

12:30 p.m.

73 Tri-Valley High School — A black-and-gold Christmas stocking; two developed all-sport passes.

74 Muskingum Valley Health Center

75 Eastside Community Ministry — 24-inch bogus beloved wreath; “The Polar Express” book, DVD and sleigh bell.

76) Woodforest National Bank

77 Tami Loves/Tami Neff Designs Ltd. — Three handmade bassinet trees; $50 allowance agenda to Loves Store.

78) South Village Floral and Ability — $50 South Village Floral and Ability allowance card.

78A Tri-Y Fabric — Artwork fabricated by Susan Nash of Flat 202; LG 700W 2.1ch mini-shelf arrangement with congenital subwoofer and Bluetooth.

12:45 p.m.


80 Alcove Lath of Directors — Rustic case birdhouse; 40 pounds of birdseed.

81 Muskingum Valley Human Resource Management Association.

82 Zanesville Chapter of Guernsey-Muskingum Association of Realtors — $150 allowance agenda to Grillin’ Dave Style.

83 Adornable.u Style Mentor Jenni Masterson — Altered dressform and $50 adornable.u allowance certificate

84 Muskingum Valley Woodland Services — Ache cone wreath; one truckload of copse delivered in Muskingum County

84A Porter Heating and Cooling — Anniversary aliment in adorning boxes; air conditioning charwoman and refrigerant akin check, additional a agenda heat/cool thermostat

1 p.m.

85 Tami Loves Weddings — Band with cardboard flowers and alarm faces; $200 against bells decorating account or rentals.

86 JK Evans & Associates LLC — Birdhouse; $25 allowance agenda to a chamber-member garden center.

87 Primrose Retirement Community of Zanesville — Snowman wreath; albino steak banquet for eight by Chef Nancy Argo at Primrose.

88 Muskingum University — $50 Barnes & Noble allowance card.

89 Imlay Florist Inc. — Nativity scene; $100 allowance agenda to Imlay Florist.

90 McInturf Insurance — Wine-themed average tree;bottle of red, canteen of white wine, $25 Gervasi Vineyards allowance agenda .

90A Primecare of S.E. Ohio Inc. — OSU-themed timberline with gloves, hat, clock, mugs, canteen cover, puzzle, Lego football player, bag, purse, scarf.

1:15 p.m.

91 Oaks at Bethesda — Banquet for four at The Oaks at Bethesda and allowance card.

92 Heinrich Cardboard and Accumulation — Afire allowance boxes; two tickets to “A Carpenters Christmas” Dec. 18 at the Midland Theater.

93 Zanesville Downtown Association — 18-by-24 affected photo of the Y Bridge; 1 year benefactor membership

94 Terra Cotta Vineyards — Allowance bassinet with a corkscrew, tea towel, two wine glasses, two bottles of wine and wine charms.

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95 Ohio Educational Acclaim Union — Wreath; $100 allowance card.

96 Powerful Surrender Beating Therapy & Yoga — 24-inch afire tree; one hour beating or one hour clandestine yoga lesson.

96A Hartley’s Termite and Pest Ascendancy — Wine black candle; $100 allowance agenda to Hartley’s.

1:30 p.m.

97 Mid-East Career and Technology Centers Live — ache wreath; 6-foot barbecue table.

98 Roosters of Zanesville — Ohio State Christmas tree; $50 Roosters allowance card.

99 Southeastern Ohio Symphony Orchestra — Wreath; two division tickets for 43rd division 2016, two CDs of music by Dr. Laura and Dr. Joyce.

100 Buckeye Pride — Mini-tree; lath Block O fabricated out of copse by Ache Gap Woodworks.

101 RE/MAX Real Estate Partners — Mosser bottle sleigh

102 Oaks at Northpointe — Wreath; Walmart allowance card, banquet for two at Oaks at Northpointe.

102A Dakota Matz Personal Training — Wreath; one hour training seasons with Matz, one-month associates to the Muskingum Recreation Center.

1:45 p.m.

103 Lifestyle Weight Management Specialists — Plush Santa figure; four apprenticeship sessions with Tara Poorman.

104 A-1 Heating and Cooling — Rustic Christmas tree; $50 Pizza Cottage allowance card.

105 Allen and Baughman Law Offices — Band or centerpiece; Cheryl’s Cookies.

106 Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

107 Shirley K’s Storage Trays — Timberline with totes.

108 Bob Grayson Art Flat — 10 art classes, one 11-by-14 commissioned painting of your admired car, architecture or motorcycle.

108A The Wilds — Burlap poinsettias; four accessible air carnival passes for The Wilds.

2 p.m.

109 Roto-Rooter — $100 allowance agenda for Adornetto’s/Giacomo’s/Market House.

110 Younique by Lori Kappes — 24-inch blooming beam cone tree; Younique articles including 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara, face and eye architecture primer, eyeliner, lip stain, architecture bag and affidavit for a architecture appliance appointment with Lori Kappes

111 Muskingum County Business Incubator — Ache wreath; three tickets to the Shark Tub Jan. 21 at the MCBI.

112 Coburn United Methodist Church — 4-foot angular timberline with analogous centerpiece/swag; $50 allowance agenda from A New Beginning Bible, Book and Allowance Shoppe

113 Best Western B.R. Bedfellow — one night stay.

114 Coconis Furniture.

114 Kevin Martin — Victorian Santa and little babe portrait; Kevin Martin active Timberwolves jersey

2:15 p.m.

115 Pugh’s Architecture Jewelers — 38-inch wreath; $75 Pugh’s allowance card.

116 Animal Shelter Society Inc. — Cat-themed centerpiece; one cat adoption.

117 Community Ambulance

118 The Carr Center

119 The Renner, Home of Zane Trace Players — Couple’s angel amalgamation for 2016 division with 10 tickets

120 National Road East Consortium — 16-inch copse and tin lantern; brief break at the Wallhouse, four Grand Slams from Denny’s, 20 percent off one account Colonial Cottage, $25 allowance agenda from Mathews Antiques, wind alarm from Susie’s Favorites, “John Glenn, A Memoir” book, “The Young Forester Zane Grey” book, three passes to The John and Annie Glenn Historic Site/The National Road-Zane Grey Museum.

2:30 p.m.

121 Allegra — Afire 4.5-foot tree; 33-foot retractable banderole affectation assemblage and accustomed case.

122 Anniversary Inn Express — Rose and holly topiary; one night stay.

123 Rotary Club of Zanesville Daybreak — Wreath; $100 allowance agenda for Adornetto’s and Giacomo’s.

124 Eaglesticks Golf Club — 18-by-20-inch comment wreath; four circuit of golf with cart.

125 Brenwood Beard and Nail Salon with Blair — $100 appear a Diva for the Day party.

126 Modern Bottle Acrylic & Tile Company — Albino metal annual mirror.

2:45 p.m.

127 Millers Flowers and Grandmas Country House — Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Mother’s Day arrangements.

128 Briar Rabbit Shooting Range — Average tree; ancestors associates for one year, two shirts, one hat.

129 AAA Spa & Basin — Busy sled; $100 AAA Spa and Basin Services allowance card.

130 Forget-Me-Not Shop — $50 allowance agenda to the Forget-Me-Not and acrylic class.

131 Troy Ball Independent Consultant with The Pampered Chef — All aliment for an in-home affair and added items.

132 Foodworks Alliance — Snowman stocking; three ability baskets of locally-grown products.


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3 p.m.

133 Advanced Heating and Cooling Services — Christmas mantel piece; $100 allowance agenda to Tami Loves, $50 Denny’s allowance agenda and $50 allowance agenda to West Side Market.

134 Bayer Heritage Federal Acclaim Union — Bonbon themed tree; allowance bassinet with $100 Visa allowance agenda and candied treats.

135 Brenwood Beard and Nail Salon — $100 allowance agenda for Brenwood.

136 Fanatics — Ohio State themed tree.

137 AK Steel Corp — $250 in allowance cards.

138 Wallhouse Hotel — Weekend amalgamation at The Wallhouse and Creno’s pizza.

3:15 p.m.

139 Animal Shelter Society Inc. — Dog themed centerpiece; one dog adoption.

140 McLain, Hill, Rugg and Associates — Wreath; bout for four of the Ohio Statehouse and cafeteria with Sen. Troy Balderson; $25 Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl allowance card.

141 C.P.’s Lawncare LLC — Arts and ability stand, Christmas cine affair and DVDs, $100 allowance agenda to Applebees.

142 Zanesville City Schools — Wreath; two developed all-sports winter passes, two adults abatement passes.

143 Dorosti Ancestors Dental — Opalescence Whitening System, ProTrial Oral B Dental Health Package, $50 allowance agenda to Cinemark Theatres and $50 allowance agenda to Adornetto’s.

144 Zane State College — Head and accept portraits for up to 20 advisers of a bounded business.

3:30 p.m.

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Battery Vigil Candles Bulk – The Best Candle 2017 | battery operated vigil candles bulk | battery operated vigil candles bulk

145 Brian Hill State Rep 97th Ohio House — 22-inch ache wreath; allowance cards to Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl and Adornetto’s, cafeteria at Ohio Statehouse and bout for six people.

146 Cheyenne Matz, Brenwood Beard and Nail Salon — Afire mini tree; beard cut with attic treatment, attack nails and accomplish up consultation.

147 Fineline Imprints — 25 white T-shirts, printed one color/one location

148 Scale Haus Banquet and Bells Barn — $100 off rental or $100 allowance agenda for Rittberger North Market.

149 Flow-Liner Systems — $100 allowance agenda for Cabela’s or Buckeye Outdoors.

150 Susie’s Favorites — four $25 allowance cards.

3:45 p.m.

151 Rea and Associates — Five-foot Twig tree; $25 allowance cards to Kohl’s, Roosters, T.J. Maxx, Kroger’s, BP Gas and Olive Garden.

152 Mr. Rooter Plumbing — Mini-tree; three $25 Longhorn allowance cards two $25 Cinemark allowance cards.

153 Shelly and Sands — Best metal deer army on asperous wood; $100 Adornetto’s allowance card.

154 Orthopaedic Associates of Zanesville — Golf for two at Zanesville Country Club with Dr. Steven Kimberly and pro Mike Durant, with cafeteria in the barbecue allowance and golf cart.

155 Virtues Golf Club — Wreath; golf aggregation with cart

156 Quality Care Partners

4 p.m.

157 Dresden Community Association — Alpine 10 bottom Bendable tree; $50 allowance cards to Millers Flowers and Grandma’s Country Store, Muddy Miser’s, Weavers Square, Humble Heart and Cafe Kaos, ceramics teapot, miniature alarm ornament; toiletry bag, thermos and two mugs; $200 off a accumulation of four or added break at Village Victorian Scrapbook Retreat.

158 Federal Elite Heating and Cooling — Winter Wonderland 5-foot tree, centerpiece and wreath; iPad Mini with $20 iTunes allowance card.

159 Rittberger Meats — One smoked turkey and one smoked ham.

160 Bill’s Stained Bottle — Blooming lath crate emblazoned with a burlap assurance proclaiming Happy Holidays; $350 of alone categorical bottle ability for a conjugal party.

161 Riesbeck Aliment Markets Inc. — 7-foot Colorado pine; $100 Riesbeck allowance card.

162 The Forker Company/Northwestern Mutual Ample — Wreath; four OSU men’s basketball tickets, club akin for OSU vs. Mercer Dec. 22 with parking.

4:15 p.m.

163 Muskingum County Job and Ancestors Services — 28” egg-shaped pinecone wreath; four Eaglesticks golf passes with golf cart, Ohio State 16 can acknowledgment tote, one Ohio State cloistral coffee biking mug, one OSU can koozie, OSU lath bite bag clip, OSU key ring.

164 Comfort Inn — Wreath; ample controlling apartment at the Comfort Inn and basin party, banquet at Olive Garden.

165 Fink’s Harley-Davidson — Wreath; $100 allowance agenda to Fink’s Harley-Davidson

166 General Graphics Promotional Articles LLC — Snowman corrective on salvaged barn and bassinet wood; $250 allowance agenda for Babe UPcycled for a acrylic affair for 10.

167 Varsity Title Services — two aloof tickets and a parking to your best of amateur for the accessible 2016 division of the Columbus Crew SC.

168 5 B’s/B Wear — 4-foot Newell column snowman with afire tree, 28-inch Charlie Brown bright lath tree, 28-inch afire box bonbon cane; 72 awning printed shirts

4:30 p.m.

169 Billy Jim’s Original BBQ Seasoning — Barbecue tree; year’s accumulation of Billy Jim Seasoning, affable classes and banquet for six by Your Chef’s Kitchen and Chef Bill Bird.

170 Ron and Mary Ann Bucci — Miniature afire Christmas timberline beneath glass; Keith Urban guitar package.

171 Ohio Stave Company — Christmas centerpiece bourbon barrel.

172 Dunkins Diamonds — 3-foot afire tree; architecture and gold pendant.

173 American Ear & Audition — 7-foot afire pencil tree; two sets of Soundgear cyberbanking audition protectors, ancestors associates to Briar Rabbit Shooting Range.

174 PNC — Ohio State wreath; Ohio State vs. South Carolina men’s basketball tickets Dec. 27.

4:45 p.m.

175 Boyer Insurance and Financial Services — Remote ascendancy electric Power Wheels

176 Lepi and Associates Real Estate Services LLC — 4-foot bassinet creation; $200 of allowance cards to bounded establishments.

177 Muskingum Recreation Centermost — Miniature tree; one six ages alone melancholia membership, one pond assignment amalgamation of three lessons, 10 bedfellow passes, 10 accumulation affairs drops.

178 Higgins Lumber Company — 15 percent off a distinct purchase; Milwaukee drywall screwdriver

179 Stained Bottle and Wine with Bill Bird — 30-inch ache and bittersweet poinsettia wreath; seven bodies can actualize a bottle accessory at the flat forth with a cheese sampling and bottle of wine.

180 Huntington Trust — Wreath; four tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters Dec. 29 at Schottenstein Center.

5 p.m.

181 Northern Lights Medical Imaging — Rustic Santa bag and faux blaze place; $100 Adornetto’s allowance agenda and $50 allowance cards to Tom’s Ice Cream and Muddy Misers.

182 Northside Pharmacy — 30-inch wreath; two Adirondack developed chairs with OSU logo.

183 Banquet with Chef Bill Bird — Candle in globe; banquet for 15 in your home able by Chef Bill Bird.

184 Interim HealthCare — $250 allowance cards for accouterment stores.

185 Thorne Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning — Silver applique tree; Squiggly’s Car Wash & Detail Shop allowance card, $100 allowance agenda for Adornetto’s or Giacomos or The Market House, $100 allowance agenda for Muddy Misers.

186 Zanesville-Muskingum County Alcove of Commerce — 6.5-foot tree; one 2016 Alcove Membership.

5:15 p.m.

187 Walmart North — 7-foot afire tree; XBox One with Gears of War bundle.

188 Peoples Bank — Afire snowman and admission to Santa’s accession bank mount; $150 Visa allowance card; $350 donation to a bounded nonprofit of choice.

189 Colony Square Mall Ample — bonbon chic wreath; $20 to Candied Treat, $50 Dumham’s Sports allowance card, ancestors photo amalgamation from Fantasy Photo Shop, $50 Justice allowance card, $30 Perry’s Glo Putt allowance card, Barbecue Pizza ancestors meal; $25 Show Sensation allowance card; $30 Toys R Us allowance card.

190 Ohio University Zanesville — Anniversary affair window; $300 against OUZ tuition.

191 Community Bank — $100 allowance cards to Casa Bella, Jillian’s and The Bri Boutique.

192 Zandex — Busy mailbox; breakfast for up to 20 bodies at your business or alignment by Zandex chefs.

5:30 p.m.

193 Wal-Mart South —Mickey and Minnie Mouse tree; PlayStation 4 with Star Wars: Battlefront bound copy bundle.

194 Century National Bank — Afire tree; $300 acclaim to Weatherington Woods for accouterment and photography

195 Times Recorder — Afire archaic timberline with snowman; $1,000 in advertising.

196 Dutro Ford Lincoln Nissan — Copse craft; four oil changes, $100 allowance cards to Muddy Misers, Adornetto’s, treehouse, Four Turns Bakery and Winerak.

197 Barnes Announcement Corp — One ages of advance ads.

198 Genesis Healthcare Arrangement — Fitbit, six-month associates to the Muskingum Rereation Center.

5:45 p.m.

199 WYBZ Radio — A architecture by Susie’s Favorites; 20 30-second new ads.

200 Community Bank — Electric fireplace

201 WHIZ Media Accumulation — $1,000 of TV commercials; $1,000 radio commercials.

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202 North Valley Bank — Afire tree; $1,000 CD for 12 months, 10 percent APY.

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